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LM 334

The LM334 is 3-terminal adjustable current source featuring 10,000:1 range in operating current, excellent current regulation and a wide dynamic voltage range of 1V to 40V. Current is established with one external resistor and no other parts are required. Initial current accuracy is approximately 3%. The LM334 (same for LM134/LM234) are true floating current sources with no separate power supply connections.
In addition, reverse applied voltages up to 20V will draw only a few dozen microamps of current, allowing the devices to act as both rectifier and current source in AC applications. The LM334 was designed to operate at current levels from 1A to 10mA, as set by the external resistor. Since it operates as a true two-terminal current source, no extra power, as mentioned before, and no input signals are required. Regulation is typically 0.02%/V and terminal-to-terminal voltage can range from 800mV to 30V. Because the operating current is directly proportional to absolute temperature in degrees Kelvin, this device will also find wide applications as a temperature sensor. The temperature dependence of the operating current is +0.336%/C at room temperature. For example, a device operating at 298A will have a temperature coefficient of +1A/C.
The temperature depence is extremely accurate and repeatable. If a zero temperature coefficient current source is required, this is easily achieved by adding a diode and a resistor.

The LM334 is guaranteed over a temperature range of 0C to +70C. This device is available in TO-46 hermetic, TO-92 (most common), and SO-8 plastic packages.


Unique Features:
o Operates from 1V to 40V.
o 0.02%/V current regulation.
o Programmable from 1A to 10A.
o True 2-terminal operation.
o Available as fully specified temperature sensor.
o Approximately 3% initial accuracy.

o Fully 3-Terminal Adjustable Current Source.
o 3-pin or SO-8 surface mount package.
o V+ to V- Reverse voltage 20V.
o R Pin to V- Voltage 5V.
o Set current 10mA.
o Power dissipation 400mW.
o Soldering heat @ 260C for 10 seconds maximum